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This mid-weight, pullover hoodie will keep you warm. Very cozy, soft-washed. Flat draw cords. 100% cotton face. 65% cotton/35% polyester. Heathers (60% cotton/40% polyester).


Slimmer fitting hoodie in the arms and the waist. If you like your hoodie, looser fitting, order a size up. 

The Story

In the beginning... Before there was chaos, fear and hate, God created man. Man knew God and walked with Him. There was peace and joy. Man was commissioned to create and thrive.

Then the enemy came. He would kill, steal and destroy all he could. We were displaced. Without hope, we became lost; looking to everything around us for purpose or pleasure. Only God could redeem us, sending His son Jesus to give us the keys back into the Kingdom of Heaven.

He was killed so we may live. He died and rose again, to put the authority back in our hands to reclaim our destiny. Leaving us with the single most important message: love God and love people, bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

Sarah M. McGinnis, Co-Founder of God & People
Darin A. McGinnis is the CEO and Founder of God & People.